I like this one because it clearly states
that the fee is $5K per day or any part
thereof. And I will tell them that the $5K
is payable in advance
or get off my private property, like NOW!

NICE DURABLE ALUMINUM NO TRESPASS NOTICE. Measures 9 inches wide by 12 inches tall.


I recently put a new sign on my front door that gives notice to agents that they are not welcome here and that if they come over here with the intent to trespass then official notice has already been given and the agents or officers are more easily sued.

People often ask: If someone ‘Trespasses” onto my private property, what can I do? Can they be dealt with using force? How much force? Is it dependent upon each state (USA)?

Look up the trespassing laws for your locality, this will tell you what amount of “reasonable force” you may or may not be allowed to use. The point is that once you display the “Notice”, no further notice is necessary and you may now use reasonable force to get them to leave if they refuse to.

Good luck getting a policeman to tell you what actually counts as reasonable force for different degrees of trespassers though. Basically, when I post this sign that states USC title 42 1983 it applies to all agents of government acting under color of law, and to see how this can be applied effectively, check out the following video.

The reason I don’t put “NO TRESPASSING” first is because in some places, if you post “No Trespassing” signs on your property, that is an open invite for any law enforcement to search your property…since by law, they have to make sure that no-one is trespassing.

My new notice definitely has more ‘teeth’ than a wal-mart no trespassing sign though. And if you were wondering about use of force, it is only lawful to harm another person if they are inside your house and threatening bodily harm…so if you have a scuffle on your lawn, make sure to drag ’em inside.

Above all, I think it comes down to reason. Is it about whether or not you have the excuse to legally shoot somebody if you see them standing on your property? If you have enough property there is always “S3”. Shoot … Shovel … Silence. But listen, if you’re that hard up about the chance to use your gun to kill somebody, then I would question your mental state.

I have heard that a paint ball gun is good though. That way if you nail someone, it is kinda hard for them to explain how they got nailed if they weren’t on your property. The problem with killing someone, it is usually the wrong person. Rock salt was popular in shotgun shells before the paint ball.

Another thing is if you have a choice, buy insurance, not an alarm system. Likely no one will come or report your alarm system going off if it is the public servants that you are worried about. If you rent, get the owner to grant you Power of Attorney, because if there is a problem and someone is trespassing on the land, the owner is allowed to call the sheriff not you.

Remember when referencing any form of “Government” and due to the nature of that governing body, being a constructive creation of the legislature, reference to such construction is to be addressed as the “State of the Forum”. Never use the generic term “Government” as that term when offered by you sets up the presumption that you recognize said state of the forum as applicable to governing you in the flesh.

The corporate state of the forum can only govern legislative created entities, not the natural man or woman. When a man or woman commit an actual trespass on the rights or property of another, all process then moves silently to common law proceedings. (There is no overt appearance that such traverse to common law proceedings takes place, though the court (judge) takes silent judicial notice of such traverse in fact. This traverse to common law process reaches such parties as murders, burglars, rapists and the such, as it’s not their public vessel that has committed the crime in fact.

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