We have lots of people interested in this idea, so I decided to make this product where you can essentially make your down payment on your own plot of land within Elefteria. I wanted to make this an amount that is not prohibitive to interested people. If you would like to live in our community but you do not have the funding, you can help us with work around the property to pay your share. 

This commitment is to see how many people out there are serious about this. The $100 will be added to a community fund used to cover expenses (such as digging wells or other improvements) and is fully refundable in the case that you want to remove your reservation.

Once you have made 9 of these monthly payments of $100 you will be paid off and have your own land in our new community in Nevada. If you would like written permission to go camp on the land or even live there I can give you written permission until your lot is paid off, and then you will be named as a beneficiary in the trust to use your land as you see fit.

Total commitment will likely end up being around $1000 per acre. This is just the down payment.

NOTE: You can also use this link to make your monthly payments. If you would like to make multiple payments at once just increase the number of this product that you would like to buy. We are keeping a record of the status of your payments, and we will let you know when you are paid off.

PLOT CHOICES WILL BE DETERMINED BY COMMITMENT DATE (in other words, it''s literally "first come, first served"), and your date is "locked in" when you purchase this commitment product.

Please join the following group on facebook to learn more - https://www.facebook.com/groups/774136419403735/

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Elefteria Acres Commitment / Monthly Payment

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