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Elefteria acres trust is an intentional community of families and friends living on 120 acres in Northern Nevada. We are building an off-grid, self-sustainable community with the goal of establishing a strongly cohesive, outwardly directed community. We want by action and example to have a positive effect on the world. We feel that we can be stronger and more useful together than we could be separately. We strive to live based on the principles of nonviolence, respect for the Earth, living in private (vs public) and working together to ensure that any issues that we face, from an individual level to a community level are solved efficiently and with community solidarity. Interested parties must also have an interest in learning law, and if you are already a student of law then even better. We already have some powerhouses in law living here, and I would invite you to schedule a visit if you would like to meet some of us here. 

We are now beginning the second and final phase of elefteria acres land trust and there are 15 lots available. Lot sizes range from around 2.5 acres to 5+ acre lots. If you would like a smaller size lot, we may be able to accommodate you. Please send us a message.

Pricing is a little less than $1000 an acre, with $100 down as a commitment to the community and then $100 a month until paid in full. For example, if you are buying a 5 acre lot it would be $100 down and then $100 a month for the remaining 49 months until a total of $5000 is paid. If you were buying a 1 acre lot then it would be $100 down and then another $100 a month for 9 months.

Lots that are still available will show above, but when someone makes a commitment towards one of the lots it will be no longer available or show above.

See the following map for lot selections -

More info coming soon, but basically you just select the lot you would like, and then make the $100 down payment. If a lot does not show above, then it is no longer available.

Other than that, the only requirement to join is that you have a desire to learn law.

We have lots of people interested in this idea, so I decided to make this product where you can essentially make your down payment on your own plot of land within Elefteria. I wanted to make this an amount that is not prohibitive to interested people. If you would like to live in our community but you do not have the funding, you can help us with work around the property to pay your share. 

PLOT CHOICES WILL BE DETERMINED BY COMMITMENT DATE (in other words, it''s literally "first come, first served"), and your date is "locked in" when you purchase this commitment product.

Please join the following group on facebook to learn more -

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Elefteria Acres Commitment / Monthly Payment

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