Choose to be a member and choose to evidence the fact that you have chosen to withdraw from a corrupt and tyrannical secular authority by going natural!

Front of Divine Authority ID card.

Reverse side of Divine Authority ID card.

Membership does not require belief in any deity or dogma, it simply requires the ability to discern right from wrong, and a commitment to not intentionally harm others or damage other's property. I know that it is hard for me, if not impossible for me to describe who the higher authority and creator of the universe is and that is ok. I do know that since I have the privilege of living and breathing and walking and traveling around on this planet, I have the opportunity of a lifetime (so to speak) to experience life as a man. 

The following is not an exhaustive or all-inclusive list of what it is RIGHT for us to do, but these are some of our core foundational principles that we should all have in common:

  • As a living man (or woman) I should have the RIGHT to not only live but to live as I see fit via self-determination combined with free-will as long as I am not harming others.
  • As a living man (or woman) I should have the RIGHT to liberty and to travel around creation by whatever means I choose, and even to bring guests with me "along for the ride" so long as I do not intentionally harm or trespass against them and should I harm anyone else or their property I will promptly make amends with them and do whatever I can in my power to make them whole again.
  • As a living man (or woman) I have the RIGHT to use, own, possess, and even dispose of items, articles, and things typically known as property, both tangible and real property and intellectual property, and the right to defend it from those who would choose to do ill will towards me or those whom I care about.
  • As a living man (or woman) I have the RIGHT to determine where and how my disputes are mediated and resolved, and I reserve the right to permit my peers whom also identify with the Divine Authority Association to assist me to privately adjudicate any dispute in which there is a victim involved, and where no victim is involved or a fictional entity is claiming to have been damaged then another man or woman will need to step forward as a witness against the accused or abandon their claim.
  • As a living man (or woman) I have the RIGHT to make my own choices about what activities I want to participate in, what I choose to put in or on my body, the right to socialize, the right to privacy, the right to speak and to say what I want to say as long as I am not using my voice to intentionally hurt others.

If this sounds good to you, get with the Divine Authority. We aren't here to control you, we are a group of likeminded men and women here to help set each other free.

Membership includes a full-color identification card with multiple security features valid for 5-years at which time you can request a renewal. A webpage connected to the ID card that you can have custom information added to. Individualized care for each unique situation. 24/7 phone number and other member services coming soon, we will announce them as they become available.  Membership dues are subject to increase without notice. Membership dues renew every 5 years. We are here to support private lawful travelers and will be creating specialized travel-related services very soon as well.

To make sure that you get your ID card quickly and without any errors; please use the text entry area below to give us as many details as possible that you would like to appear on the card itself. I chose to put the date that my life began working back nine months from the date that I took my first breath. Please make sure that you clearly say what you would like the card to say, and make sure that you include a phone number where you can be reached because we will call you during weekday business hours to confirm the information with you. Also please upload a high-quality (but under 2 MB) "passport-style" photo of the man or woman that you would like pictured on the card or instructions if you do not want a picture. If you want us to make other drastic customizations to the card it might cost more but we are willing to accommodate YOU, and if you have a good enough suggestion then we may implement it. I am already contemplating adding "IF FOUND DROP IN ANY MAILBOX RETURN POSTAGE GUARANTEED" the sky is the limit and you are about to be a member so please communicate with us!

NOTE: If you cannot afford the cost of the ID card the first lesson here is that everything is negotiable. I would prefer to trade other value for value other than FRNs anyway but there seems to be a monopoly on that currently but I am open to change. What I am getting at here is that you will need to practice your skills of negotiation to be successful overall. I will tell you that I am willing to work with people and pretty much everything is open to negotiation as far as I am concerned, but it should probably be done in private. I have been known to even give some of these cards away if I am convinced that you will value it.


Divine Authority Fellowship PMA was formed in 2019 as a membership association with a mission of teaching and supporting principles of making the law work for you and not against you.

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