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Thank you for your interest in our administrative assistance program!
Need your BC authenticated? Need an administrative default process done? UCC? IRS? Trust? Private banking?

Look at this cover page, ever seen one of these?

We are here to help you solve your everyday challenges in resolving issues that you might be facing with others. Maybe you feel you need coaching for a challenge that you are facing in your life? Or you feel that you are not being treated fairly? We are here to help! We have a complete staff of individuals with many decades of combined experience and we know what works for people and what doesn't.

If you give us a brief summary in a note during checkout (but not too much info) we can respond with how we might be able to help with a 15-minute consult to see if we might be a good fit to help you solve your problem. We are VERY GOOD at PROBLEM SOLVING and at helping you to gain the confidence to be able to resolve issues that are important to you so you can find remedy and closure.

Please note: This is not a free service. The initial 15-minute consultation is $50. We prefer to remove matters from a court rather than to participate in demonic black robe rituals with unethical attorney influence and fraud so we are not accredited by any legal society we are operating under a constitutionally endorsed and protected "assistance of counsel" to help people resolve their challenges. We retain the right to refuse service to anyone. We do not offer "Legal advice"; we offer life-coaching and individual empowerment information and life skills education. Client testimonials coming soon!

Please also let us know when a convenient time to call for you would be. We try to initiate contact within 3 business days of purchase of this service. The $50 is only for the initial consultation, and the fee for your unique needs will be provided to you after the initial consult with a summary of the call itself and details about how you may wish to proceed.

NOTICE: If you are facing criminal charges where there is a victim involved that is accusing you of wrongdoing you may wish to seek the services of a criminal defense counselor. We are not equipped to help those who have someone accusing them of a crime, sorry for the inconvenience. We are extremely helpful at assisting you with many other areas of your life, and depending on your specific needs we likely have a specialist for that who focuses mainly in that specific area to maximize our efficiency and ability to help you as fast and effectively as possible.

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Administrative Assistance

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